advice for moving your parents into an assisted living home

4 Benefits of a Senior Living Community

As you get older, you start to think about choosing comfortable living for yourself. There are many benefits to choosing a senior living community, but here are just 4 that you can enjoy when you choose this kind of dwelling for your older years: 1. Modified housing Many senior living communities feature homes or apartments that are modified for your safety. Some features include hand rails for safe entry and exiting of your home ramps for wheelchairs and walkers modified bathtubs for easy bathing and showering Explore homes and apartments that already have the changes you may need in the future to make living unassisted more comfortable. Read More 

Signs That Your Elderly Loved One Cannot Live Alone Anymore

Nobody likes to consider their aging parents or grandparents being unable to live in their in homes anymore. However, for many elderly people, living alone can become dangerous to their well-being. If you look after an elderly person, knowing when it is time to consider the transition to an assisted living facility is important. The Little Things You Should Notice Even though your elderly loved one may still have a sharp mind and no signs of dementia, that person's body could be the reason it is unsafe for him or her to live alone. Read More 

3 Great Sports To Explore In And Around Your Retirement Community

Nearly any retirement community has access to the classic retirement sports like golf and shuffleboard, but playing 18 holes on the same course or trekking to the same slab of concrete every weekend can get old quickly. In order to switch things up, here are three sports to consider for variety that are available at nearly any retirement community.  Fishing Some of the best fishing in the entire world can be found in Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia, and you don't need to make it a destination trip every time you head out. Read More